To teach, instruct and inspire people to live strong and healthy lives.

Training Focus

Physical fitness through weightlifting, kettlebells & calisthenics. Personal, group, athletic and corporate training. Motivational speaking and leading by example.

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  • Dan Cenidoza
  • Dan Cenidoza
  • Dan Cenidoza
  • Dan Cenidoza

"Dan Cenidoza is a coach and role model for people who want to improve their health & fitness. His example is one that is built on education, experience and good old fashioned hard work. As the son of a Vietnam Veteran and Karate Champion, Dan grew up in an environment rooted in physical culture. Though despite his upbringing he left this path for one of inactivity and poor nutrition. It wasn't until he became fed up with being weak and out of shape that he returned to what has now become his passion.

Dan's overwhelming desire for true strength helped him to overcome obesity and unhealthy habits. His search for fitness led him from exercising in the local gym to studying Kinesiology at Towson University. He earned academic honors in Exercise Science and professional certifications as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kettlebell Instructor and Functional Movement Specialist. Through this new base of knowledge his strength grew significantly, enabling him to win major power related competitions, including Maryland's Strongest Man.

Along the way Dan also found another love. His passion for helping others achieve their goals found him working with teenagers, professional athletes (Baltimore Ravens) and senior citizens alike. Through his public exhibitions of strength, Dan soon began capturing the attention of large audiences, including other experts in the fitness industry. The Baltimore-based husband and father of two incorporates amazing feats of strength into motivational speeches aimed at helping people live active and healthy lifestyles. In a world so desperate for fitness, yet so filled with misunderstanding, Dan has a knack for breaking complex training principles down so that anyone can understand.

Dan believes that the pursuit of happiness begins with the physical self and that true happiness starts with being happy with YOU. His motto, "Look Better, Feel Better, Be-More" and his company name, "Be-More Training" has deep implications to his philosophy. His goal is to share this philosophy in effort to make a positive change in people's lives."

- Dennis Rogers, Grandmaster Strongman

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Jimmy Cenidoza

  • Jimmy Cenidoza
  • Jimmy Cenidoza - Martial Arts
  • Jimmy Cenidoza - Martial Arts

Jimmy started out as a young martial artist in the Philippines and went on to become a Vietnam Veteran and a US Navy Karate Champion. After being honorably discharged from active service, he stayed involved with the military as a karate instructor at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Jimmy has gone on to study many different forms of martial arts and self defense strategies. Always living a strong and very physical lifestyle, he has earned black belts in Karate, Kung Fu and Aikido. His study continues today where he trains at the Baltimore Aikido Dojo.